A Look at Contemporary Native American Social Justice Issues


Modern day Native America is full of diverse cultures and complicated policy. Lingering cultural clashes lead to a number of social justice issues, including cultural preservation, adoption, religious freedom and educational access.

 Cassidy Adlof will examine some of these challenges as well as steps being taken to assuage these clashes.

 First we explore what it means to be Native American, including a discussion of different Native American groups and their differences. Secondly, we will do a brief summary about history, U.S. policy and the origins of stereotypes. Finally, we will learn of some of the changes and movements that have occurred to challenge these issues, including ways that individuals can help in the local community.

 Cassidy Adlof is a graduate of CSU Channel Islands, with a B.A. in Liberal Studies in Education and a B.S. in Biology in Ecology. She is currently in the M.S. Biology Program at CSU Northridge studying the effect of harvest on white sage (Salvia apiana) and how different cultural and religious groups harvest and use white sage. She is Cherokee, Osage and Seminole and a member of the Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama. For the last three years, she has raised awareness about Native American issues in higher education by presenting at the Annual Social Justice Conference in Education hosted by CSU Channel Islands.

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